Solid polyurethane pyramidal absorberht. 0.03m~1.2m SA conductive pyramid widely used in all kind of anechoic chamber, fr. 100MHz~100GHz
SAW conductive wedge side wall of compact range chamber, pyramid chamber, to lower back scattering
SPT conductive truncated truncated pyramidal, for more space and more mechanical resistance.
SC conductive convoluted more mechanical resistance, better on oblique incidence
SM semi conductive pyramid for 3m EMC and 10m EMC chamber, working together with ferrite, fr. 30M~40GHz


Great Hollow absorber ht. 1.2m ~2m SAH polyurethan+polystyrene hybrid pyramid 10m EMC chamber and antenna chamber for better performance over low frequency.
CAH polystyrene absorber 10m EMC chamber, no ferrite needed.


polystyrene moulded absorber PFS conductive pyramid all kind of chamber, better than SA
PFSM semi conductive pyramid 3m & 10m EMC chamber,



high power honeycomb                   absorber HC Aramid honeycomb   hollow pyramid chamber for high pwer application



accesory material for anechoic chamber WW walkway chamber walkway
SAB/SABX conner block chamber corner



lower pyramidal SA/SPT 20-100mm foam pyramid small anechoic box, high frequency use of anechoic chamber, wedge for pyramidal anechoic box.
SW 30-100mm wedge



reticulated foam absorber FRT laminate outside antenna, moisture resistance and chamber vent
FRC convoluted
FRA pyramid medium power appliction and more moisture resistance



rubber conical absorber RAC/RACH conductive rubber conical/hollow more weather resistance, for outside field measurement
RAPH conductive rubber pyramid  hollow better performance than RAC
RACM magnetically loaded conical lower working frequency than RAC



RUBBER LAMINATE RAT magnetically loaded laminate, optmized for reflection loss on specific frequency narrow band used for microwave electronicsto absrobe unneccesary reflection
RKT magnetically loaded laminate different absorbent from RAT, narrower bandwidth.
EGT low frequency EMI absorber thinner than RAT, frequency lower than RAT
RCT conductive laminate for insertion loss radiation-protected for cell phone.
RM magnetically loaded laminate for insertion loss lower Q, protect from self-oscillation



foam laminate absorber SAT for reflection loss for microwave facilities and small shieding box.
FCT for insertion loss



multi layer laminate SML foam multilayer broad frequency
RAL rubber sheet multilayer broad frequency and thin thickness
RATF foam-rubber hybrid


machineary absorber EM magnetically loade epoxy machineary to microwave compnent



waveguide load rubber load magnetically loaded load for waveguide
high power load