Dongshin Microwave, one of the leading manufacturer of microwave absorbers from China, was established in 1996 by Prof. Zhou, a known expert in China of this industry, who has previously worked in the research field in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics(DICP) for over 40 years. Dongshin Microwave commit herself to research cutting-edge microwave material, produce qualified absorbers and the turn-key anechoic chambers. Dongshin Microwave has built up over 1000 chambers of various scales for the government, the army, aeronautics, astronautics and etc in the past ten years. Dongshin Microwave has also exported the absorber products to Europe, US, Austrlia, almost every part of the world and receive wide acceptance and appraise. Meanwhile, Dongshin Microwave offers a variety of microwave absorbers for the electronic system, antenna and microwave components.


Basing on the technological background of DICP, a research team of senior scientists on material and microwave have being commit ourselves into research of microwave absorber, keeping us in front of the industry. From the traditonal polyurethane absorber to the latest moulded polystyrene absorber, from the anechoic absorber to the high loss absorber used in microwave facilites and electronics, Dongshin Microwave has the most complete products lines.     

We have our own 15m*8m*8m RCS anechoic chamber. We have also a few setup of VSWR, ARCH and GTEM method. They avail us the test capability of 30M~40GHz.

The technological background and hardware furnishes Dongshin Microwave the capability of custom design. According to the customer’s specific requirement and preference, Dongshin Microwave can offer the more fit option.



PROF. ZHOU leaded the team of microwave absorber in DICP and have made a deep investigation from the theory, to the measurement and to the production, and got a few awards from the CAS, and the states


Preparation  of Dongshin Microwave setup. Through the cooperation with DICP,we conducted a few upgrade over the traditonal material and industrialization


Dongshin Microwave was built. Most of the products were exported on the setup period. The performance and quality was accepted and appraized worldwide.


As per the market demand, Dongshin released the FR series used for microwave antenna, FCT series and polymer EGT series for EMI use, and large hollow absorber for anechoic chamber.


Xian office and Guangdong service office was setup for local service and speedy response.



We built the production base of over 12k sqm workshop and all automatic production line. Annal production capability over 100k sqm of anechoic absorber


The RCS anechoic chamber was built, furnished us the test capability from 500MHz to 40GHz. Setup the technical support team, that furnished us the capability of chamber design. Dongshin is generally transit from the absorber manufacturer to the integrator of the whole anechoic chamber。


To strenthen our research input, Dongshin released the cutting edge absorber, moulded polystyrene absorber and close cell painting treatment over the traditional polyurethane absorber. Keeping us in front of the industry.


Setup Chengdu office and Beijing office, offering customer local service and speedy response. Annual sale was increased up to RMB100M, being No. 1 of this indsutry in China.


Being the integrator, we designed and completed the largest anechoic chamber 75m*40m*40m. We built one more production base.